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Luxury real estate in Berlin



The luxury property market in the German capital is experiencing a strong momentum with very attractive luxury property  prices. Actually, the sale price of a high-end property in the centre of Berlin is 4-5 times as low as a comparable property and location in London or Paris.

In addition, the housing market in the most international German city offers great opportunities to choose between modern and period authentic apartments.

In Berlin you could have the choice between buildings of the Art Nouveau era, old craft or early 20th century buildings transformed into new industrial lofts and new development luxury apartments in prime downtown locations like Schöneberg, Prenzlauer Berg, Friedrichshain and  Mitte.


How to choose your luxury property in Berlin? 

The upscale real estate market in Berlin  distinguishes with the diversity of the residential market property offer.

Actually, you could acquire either a property in a new estate development or a property in a renovated period building.

If you search an apartment to buy a luxury with a central location, you have the choice between 4 types of flats:

  • A luxury apartment or penthouse in new property development in a center area like Mitte and Friedrichshain
  • A vintage industrial loft apartment. It is possible to find some lofts for sale in a trendy location like Kreuzberg or Prenzlauer Berg and Moabit near the spree river banks.
  • A Luxury apartment in a period building with Art Nouveau architecture, in a center area like Mitte, Charlottenburg and Prenzlauer Berg.
  • A modernized attic apartment in a period building in a central location.

So, the first step in your new home search is to determine essentially whether:

  • You prefer the advantages of living in a period building (high-ceilings, wooden floor, stucco ornaments...) and the authenticity feeling.
  • You prefer living in a modern new building that offer high-quality and modern fitting standards.

Whether you prefer the modernity comfort or the authenticity, our team will advise yon the area and the different options to help you making your pick!

In addition to our featured listing of exclusive of apartments for sale, we offer you a full assistance in the location choice, the property search, the fitting customization and the property purchase process in order to choose your new luxury home in Berlin!

In order to help on the search, you could send us you could contact us or send us an email inquiry with your main criteria:

  • The location lifestyle and the city area in which you are looking for an apartment. 
  • The minimum sqm size of the apartment, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms.
  • The floor and your other search details like a parking, balcony, terrace or garden, view.
  • The price range in which we should look for a property.

In view of your new home search details, we will process your inquiry and agent will contact you with a selection of suitable properties.

The following section presents more details about the type of properties  currently available in the city luxury property market. It is aimed to help you with some ideas for your new luxury home search. 


New development luxury apartments and penthouses for sale in Berlin


Interior view of Berlin luxury apartment in Mitte


Formerly the Berlin Wall occupied a large portion of the city centre like Mitte (Friedrichstrasse and Postdamer Platz) and Prenzlauer Berg (Bernauer strasse).

Today, the exploitation of new land plots with the development of new commercial and residential housing projects, gives the opportunity to acquire outstanding luxury apartments in the heart of the city.

New development German building specifications allow to benefit from most modern amenities, energy-efficiency, high-quality fittings and generous living space.

We manage large listings of luxury homes and penthouses from the 1-bedroom apartment to the 4-5 bedrooms family home in addition to luxury commercial spaces.

Most of our properties have a balcony or terrace and offer the possibility of rent or buy a parking place in the building.

We offer also some exceptional exclusive penthouses with terraces that have stunning view over the city main attractions like Alexanderplatz tower, Brandenburg gate or the Victory column. 

Some of our high-end apartments are built on two floors like townhouses and double-storey penthouses (Maisonette house in german) and have even a private rooftop garden. 

However, the market demand of luxury apartments is very high and most of properties area sold off-plan 1 to 2 years before the development completion.

For a new real estate development, property prices start around 6000 euros per sqm for a central area.

If you are interested in a new property development for sale located , we have currently very attractive exclusive projects in the city centre. In view of your search details (area, floor, living space sqm, bedroom and bathroom number, terrace or balcony view and sale price) we will provide you with a list of suitable available apartments and prices.


Current offer

2-storey penthouse in Mitte district

132m2 - 2 terraces totalling 50m2 - 360 degrees view over the city  

Sale price: 857.000€

View details 


Lofts for sale in Berlin

Several old craft and industrial buildings were renovated and transformed into design loft apartments. Loft apartments has the unique vintage charm (i.e. red brick ceiling, large windows...) and offer more living space high-ceilings of more than 4m.

Depending on the floor, some industrial lofts reach 7 or 8m ceiling-height and offer the possibility of creating an additional mezzanine floor within the apartment (Galeriewohnung in german).

The lofts in Berlin are among the most sought-after and rare properties for their authentic vintage style and their historical value (for some properties). 

Buying a loft in Berlin require a certain search period as these properties are very limited in number when it's about a central location like Kreuzberg or Prenzlauer Berg.

The areas where one would find an industrial loft for sale in Berlin are Kreuzberg, Moabit, Prenzlauer Berg and Mitte and the sale prices start around € 500,000.

If your preference goes toward buying a loft apartment in Berlin, please, do not hesitate to share with our real estate agency your new home search criteria (area location, beds / bathroom number, sqm size and sale price) and our team will revert to you with suitable list of apartments with prices.


Current offer

Loft stylish luxury properties in Mitte 

Rooms: from 2 to 4

Size : from 74m2 to 183 m2

Sale price: from 476.849€

View details 



Period building luxury apartments for sale in Berlin


Interior of luxury apartment in Berlin - typical period building


Like in London or Paris, period renovated buildings represent a great option for buying a luxury real estate in Berlin with a historical property value.

Actually, classical period buildings offer a unique charm (large entrance, high-ceilings, marble, stucco, mouldings…) especially when it's in a central historical area like in Kurfürstendamm neighboorhood.

In addition, if the property have a historical value (Denkmalschutz in german), the buyer will benefit from important tax advantages  and in some cases a significant part of the property purchase price would be counted as a tax relief and deducted from the owner future tax payments.

The most sophisticated Art Nouveau period buildings in the city are located in the West,  especially in Charlottenburg, Schöneberg, Steglitz and Wilmersdorf neighbourhoods.

In the city east, due to the communism era, period buildings are relatively more standard and less sophisticated, however it's still possible to find (case by case) some apartments with quite sophisticated features.

The sale price of a luxury apartment in Berlin located in a period building in a nice location (Altbau in German) starts around 5500 euros per sqm.

If you are looking for a new apartment in a period building in a central area, please, contact our real estate agency to help on your new home search.

In view of your property search details (area, bedroom number, bathrooms, building construction period, floor, amenities and budget), our team will select for you apartments with suitable prices.


Attic luxury apartments for sale in Berlin

Attic apartments (Dachgeschosswohnung in Germany)are very popular among Berliners and German people because of the brightness and the terrace views. 

More and more roofs are being transformed by architects into attic apartments with mansard living space.

The transformation consists of the renovation of the space under the roof, the connection of amenities to the flat and the suppression of a part of the roof to make a place for new terraces.

Attics are usually located in the 5th or 6th floor of the building and they have large terraces with view on the city centre.

Many of renovated attic luxury homes in Berlin have their private lifts and property prices start around 6000 euros per sqm for a central area.

If you plan to buy a luxury attic apartment, please, send us your search criteria (area, bedroom number, bathrooms, building construction period, floor and budget). In view of your property search details, our team will select for you apartments with suitable prices.


Attic Berlin luxury penthouse apartment



Let us find your new luxury home in Berlin!

In summary, the luxury real estate commercial and housing market in the German capital offers the opportunity to acquire an exceptional property in a central district and at very attractive sale price when compared to other Europe's large capitals like London or Paris. This fully explains the high enthusiasm of the local and international for buying luxury properties in Berlin.

It goes without saying that with the exponential growth of the city importance in German and Europe, luxury real estate in Berlin has a very strong potential and room for price growth.

Our real estate agency offers a selection of exclusive apartments for sale in  best neighborhoods and will support you with a comprehensive service and full-assistance during the purchase process in Germany.

Also, the low mortgage rate in Germany, makes it interesting to buy with a home loan mortgage. Our realestate agents would avise you on the rate level and the amount of loan thatcould represent 100% of the apaprtment sale price if you live in Germany. If you live abroad, we could get you a mortgage at a good rate for up to 70% of your new apartment price.

For more information about our exclusive featured listings of Berlin luxury apartments and homes for sale, or any  information about the luxury property market and sale prices, please do not hesitate to write our real estate agent team an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact us directly on +49 41717274.




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