The best neighborhood in Berlin for me is …?

Which neighborhood in Berlin suits me more? What are the best neighborhoods in Berlin? Which rent in Berlin should I expect to pay in this or that area? Those are the questions  that most new comers and expatriates would ask. Berlin has 12 districts that comprises dozens of areas offering different life styles atmospheres  For this reason, we got a closer look at best Berlins’ neighborhoods and did a short guide about  areas and districts in Berlin.

About settling in Berlin

The capital of Germany has events, parties, art and history – culture wherever you look! Not surprising that the city is considered as a magnet for tourists with its numerous landmarks, museums, art galleries and street markets. Berlin is Germany’s largest city with 3.5 million inhabitants. When moving to this city, it can be difficult to find the neighborhood in Berlin that suits your needs best. 

When moving to Berlin, you have to decide whether you want to stay near nature, conservative or whether you want to be at the cool and alternative areas? Think of what is important to you, go for a walk  to get the right feeling and make a short list with amenities would you like in your best neighborhoods in Berlin…

East Berlin neighborhoods

Central neighborhood of Berlin Mitte

“Mitte” as the district is nicknamed or called in short, lies in the heart of Berlin and is the administrative district and historical city center dating back to 12th century. It consists partly of the former East Berlin and is relatively densely populated with 368,000 inhabitants. Berlin Mitte is an excellent tourist magnet due to its typical sightseeing locations, which go from the Brandenburg gate to Alexanderplatz, as well as along the boulevard „Unter den Linden“.

Unfortunately, and as you can imagine, as Mitte is the most central neighborhood in Berlin, it has also the most expensive real estate prices in Berlin. On average, a rented apartment costs 16.48€/m². However, due to its central location you don’t have to deal with long distances, either in leisure time or on the way to work. Alexanderplatz, Potsdamer Platz, Friedrichstraße, Berlin wall and Rudi-Dutschke-Straße form the economic core of the metropolis. Popular residential areas are near the Hackescher Markt, Torstraße and Rosenthaler Platz. Mitte represents with no doubt one of best neighborhoods of Berlin, especially if you are looking for a balanced lifestyle and a central location. It’s highly demanded and renting a flat in Mitte, would probably cost 20% more than any other neighborhood in Berlin. 

Prenzlauer Berg, most sought-after city neighborhood

The Prenzlauer Berg is also a great neighborhood of Berlin. The picturesque old buildings attracts many people, therefore it is one of the most densely populated Berlin neighborhoods. More than 300 buildings are classified as historical monuments, the oldest were built in 1848. The population is very young compared to other parts of Berlin, the educational level is very high. More than half of the residents have a high school diploma or a university degree. In addition, the Prenzlauer Berg is known for its many leisure activities.
In the neighborhood of Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg you may pay an average of 14.38€/m² for a rented apartment.

Friedrichshain neighborhood

Both, Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg, make up the second administrative district of Berlin city. It used to be known as a sordid DDR working class quarter. Much has changed in this district as well. Friedrichshain is now considered a trendy place and a political platform. The locals are very engaged politically. The district is also called lovingly “homely neighborhood”. The very animated lifestyle and apartments within a big price range have attracted the younger generation in particular. The areas with old buildings are very popular for families. Also the birth rate in those areas is steadily increasing. Furthermore, it is considered a good neighborhood for parents since daycare centers and schools enjoy a good reputation. A range of well-developed playgrounds and youth facilities are available, offering a variety of different activities for children. The square meter for a rented apartment amounts to an average of 14.03 €/m².

View of Landwehrkanal in the neighborhood of Berlin Kreuzberg
View of Mitte the most central of Berlin neighborhoods

Neighborhoods of Berlin “Kreuzkölln”

Neukölln neighborhood

Many areas in Neukölln were characterized by poverty for a long time. Since 2006 these neighborhoods also changed and improved considerably. This south neighborhood of Berlin, formerly known as wicked and mean, attracts mainly artists and creative people nowadays. This is because of the cheap rents and the variety of idyllic places in Neukölln. In some areas there is almost a rural flair, with historic half-timbered houses and pretty gardens. The North continues to develop positively in particular. The old buildings are regarded as trendy residential areas and young people enjoy the extravagant nightlife of Neukölln.
In the neighborhood of Berlin Neukölln it is possible to rent an apartment for around 11.96 €/m².

Kreuzberg neighborhood

Kreuzberg unites pure multiculturalism and life! After the fall of the Wall, Kreuzberg became a central location in Berlin city. The district was known not only for its vibrant nightlife, but also for civil commotions and riots. However nowadays, the situation has improved significantly. The city has successfully combated the riots by organizing alternative events. Every year residents, traders and citizens’ initiatives organize the peaceful street festival “MyFest”. Visitors can hereby experience the multicultural flair of this iconic neighborhood of Berlin. The population in Kreuzberg is made up of about one-third of migrants. More than 180 nationalities co-exist mainly peacefully.
Living in Kreuzberg is less expensive than Berlin Mitte fo example. On average, one square meter of a rented apartment costs 14.32€.

West Berlin Neighborhoods

While East and south Berlin neighborhoods are known for their alternative and creative atmosphere, western Berlin neighborhoods are more classical residential and posh areas. The most iconic neighborhood in West Berlin is Charlottenburg known for its palace and its upscale areas, especially around the world famous Ku’Damm avenue and Savigny Platz. Schöneberg and Wilmersdorf neighborhoods located south of Charlottenburg offer an extension of this exclusive atmosphere. This southern Berlin neighborhoods offer all amenities one can need,  many nice areas for going out like Nollendorferkiez, Akazien as well as wonderful green areas such as Fennsee and Am Gleisdreieck Parc

The rentals in western Berlin neighborhoods kept rising during the last years and the housing offer is reduced. Today one can find a period period with a rent of ca. 13 EUR per sqm per month or a new build for ca. 20-25 EUR.


For ensuring a peaceful and perfect move to Berlin, one should take the necessary time to discover the city and research most interesting areas in accordance with his/her lifestyle and points of interest. Our English-speaking real estate agent in Berlin is available for all questions and matters about rentals in best neighborhoods of Berlin!