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Berlin real estate market development

Berlin is ranked as the best property market for buying real estate in Germany and in all Europe, ahead of cities like Hamburg, Barcelona and London. The local commercial and residential housing market attracts a growing number of german and international buyers and investors thanks to attractive home prices, tax advantages and strong capital appreciation potential. In this way, investments in commercial and residential property market soared last years from 3 billion to more than 10 billion euros per year and the property prices in the city registered a tremendous development of +12,7% in 2017. The development of Berlin properties value is driven by strong fundamentals. In fact, last years thepopulation increase of new 50,000 people vs. less than 10,000 new properties built per year generated a record home occupancy rate of 98% of properties, a high housing demand and a sharp shortage of vacant apartments for sale in the city. In addition, less than 20% of Berliners are owners of their home, so there is a huge potential for the long-term development of the apartments price and rent in the city. On the investment safety side, buying a property in Berlin is above all investing in Germany, the world's second exporting country and the leading economy in Europe with a budget surplus of 18 billion euros in 2017. So, the real estate market in Berlin is as safe as a AAA investment but with a double-digit return from commercial and housing price development, With this combination of safety vs profitability, it makes fully sense and it's really a good time to buy a new property in the German capital city!


Why buy a property in Berlin?

Buying a new apartment in Berlin allows to benefit from significant property tax advantages (rental and sale) and great prospects for capital gain, especially for investment properties. In fact, with an average of 3706 euros per sqm, Berlin property prices are currently the lowest among major capitals and cities in Europe: indeed, apartments prices in  in the German capital are 2-3 times lower than Paris or Munich and 4-5 times lower than  apartments prices in London. In addition, residential real estate in the city is registering ca. +10 percent price growth per year which insures positive long-term perspectives for property buyers in the German capital. If you currently rent an apartment in Berlin: with rent price increase in the city and the low German mortgage rates, it would be definetly a good idea to buy a new home and substitute the apartment rental cost with a low-rate mortgage monthly settlement. If you think of buying an apartment in Berlin as an investment, you will benefit from unique tax advantages like low property tax, mortgage rates deduction and purchase costs amortization. In fact, the tax rate on the rental income would be often less than 10% for the landlord of one or two apartments in the German capital. In addition, after a holding period of 10 years, a landlord benefits from a total tax exemption on the profit generated by a higher sale price. Whether you are looking for an investment or for a new home purchase for self-use, our team will guide throughout the process until the keys handover of your new flat in Berlin!


Our Berlin apartments for sale selection

Our real estate agency lists over 300 properties and apartments for sale in Berlin located in best city central neighbourhoods like Mitte district, Prenzlauer Berg, Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain, Schöneberg, Neukölln and Charlottenburg. Our real estate properties listings include commercial properties and apartments of all size, price range and building type. Our properties for sale range from the 1-bedroom flat to the 4-5 bedroom family apartment. If you search a new apartment for sale in a new building development, we offer off-plan properties in modern and functional buildings. We also have an exclusive selection of high-end luxury properties for sale in Berlin in most prime areas of the German capital.

In addition to our featured listings of Berlin properties and apartments for sale, we offer a customized home search service, based on your new home search details. For this you can send us an email with your search request or book an apppointment with an estate agent in order to discuss in detail your new apartment search preferences (area location, type of building, floor, flat size, floor plan, bedroom number, sale price, balcony, heating type, bathroom type..).

For investment, we advise our clients to buy rather small apartments (studio apartments, 1-bedroom or 2-bedroom apartments) in a central location where the demand for rental and re-sale price profitability are the highest. In this view, we offer vacant properties that rae suitable for rental (i.e. furnished studio apartments in Mitte,1 bedroom flat in city centre) as well as apartments for sale that has already tenants. We also offer commercial properties for sale, either in existing or new development, with attratctive sale prices and good rental yields. If you are an investor looking for specific investment property (commercial properties, residential apartments, luxury apartments, investment buildings, old building development, new building development...), our real estate agent will take on charge your inquiry and send you suitable properties for sale.


First Citiz Berlin real estate agency services

Our English-speaking Berlin estate agent offers you a full-service for your new apartment purchase or sale in Berlin. We are one of the few real estate agents who will provide you with a full assistance, from A to Z, throughout the purchase process until the signature of your new apartment sale contract at the notary office. If you buy a new apartment for self-use, we advise you on the local area lifestyle, the average sale price per district, the type of apartments and buildings, the mortgage rates and we will guide you throughout the sale process in Germany with all serenity. For a successful property investment in Berlin, we advise you on the best purchase options: neighborhoods to target, rent levels for each city area, building and apartment type, flat size, floor, floor plan, bedroom number and sale price.

If you are interested in buying a new apartment with a mortgage in Berlin, our real estate agent will also advise you about the German interest rate market,  the amount of housing mortgage loan that you could get for your new home and the credit application. We also could manage for you the housing mortgage application in Germany.

If you buy an apartment in Berlin to rent (already tenanted apartment or new buy-to-let apartment), our real estate agent offers you a comprehensive property management service that includes the search of a new flat tenant, the apartment rental contract signature, the apartment rent management and the monthly collection of the flat rent .

If you are a landlord in the city and you would like to inquire about a real estate appraisal in order to sell a property in Berlin, our real estate agent offers you a free property valuation and a full management service of your apartment sale until the signature of the sale contract at the best sale price! Our property sale service covers all the steps of the sale process starting from the apartment sale price appraisal, the sale documents collection, the apartment viewing organization, the potential buyers credit check and the administrative organization of the appointment for the sale contract signature with the new apartment owner.

For additional information about our services and our listings of Berlin apartments for sale or for any advice regarding real estate investment in Berlin, apartments prices and rent levels, mortgage rates in Germany, notary sale contract fees and the process of buying and selling apartments in Germany, our real estate agent will provide full assistance to your inquiry.

Our real estate agency in Berlin is located in the city district of Prenzlauer Berg. Do not hesitate to visit us for a free consultation with a First Citiz Berlin real estate agent around your new home purchase or commercial investment in Berlin. Together we will review in depth your main apartment search details and sale price financing possibilities. A better understanding of your needs and your new home search criteria will help us better targeting our search and will maximize the chances to find for you, and in a short time, your new home in the city at the most suitable sale price!


  • Property
    1 Room Wedding € 123.760
  • Property
    1 Room Charlottenburg - Wilmersdorf € 149.000
  • Property
    1 Room Wedding € 166.389
  • Property
    2 Rooms Wedding € 178.950
  • Property
    1 Room Neukölln € 199.000
  • Property
    1 Room Friedrichshain € 200.000
  • Property
    1 Room Charlottenburg - Wilmersdorf € 281.930
  • Property
    1 Room Charlottenburg - Wilmersdorf € 289.840
  • Property
    2 Rooms Prenzlauer Berg € 300.000
  • Property
    2 Rooms Neukölln € 350.000
  • Property
    1 Room Charlottenburg - Wilmersdorf € 355.610
  • Property
    1 Room Charlottenburg - Wilmersdorf € 362.520
  • Property
    2 Rooms Mitte € 388.600
  • Property
    2 Rooms Mitte € 406.000
  • Property
    3 Rooms Mitte € 425.000
  • Property
    2 Rooms Mitte € 425.000
  • Reserved
    4 Rooms Charlottenburg - Wilmersdorf € 429.000
  • Property
    2 Rooms Charlottenburg - Wilmersdorf € 462.150
  • Property
    3 Rooms Charlottenburg - Wilmersdorf € 495.000
  • Property
    3 Rooms Charlottenburg - Wilmersdorf € 509.000
  • Property
    2 Rooms Prenzlauer Berg € 525.000
  • Property
    3 Rooms Charlottenburg - Wilmersdorf € 646.540
  • Property
    3 Rooms Charlottenburg - Wilmersdorf € 723.240
  • Property
    3 Rooms Charlottenburg - Wilmersdorf € 732.780
  • Property
    3 Rooms Mitte € 739.200
  • Property
    2 Rooms Prenzlauer Berg € 925.000
  • Property
    5 Rooms Charlottenburg - Wilmersdorf € 1.009.130
  • Property
    5 Rooms Charlottenburg - Wilmersdorf € 1.109.830
  • Property
    4 Rooms Charlottenburg - Wilmersdorf € 1.205.619
  • Property
    8 Rooms Charlottenburg - Wilmersdorf € 3.300.000

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