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Are you looking for a professional free property valuation in Berlin?

You are at the right address! For selling your property in Berlin, our international real estate agency offers you a 360°service package:

  • Free property valuation service in Berlin
  • Full assistance with the sale process in Germany
  • Local and international listing services
  • Effective sale period

Why is the property valuation step so important?

It is common knowledge that an accurate market value appraisal represents always the first step for a successful property sale process

Our real estate appraisal service combines several valuation methodologies including market comparative analysis, yield analysis and transaction trend analysis. It reflects last property market and price trends and considers housing supply and real estate in your property’s area.

Our deep knowledge of the property market in Berlin and real estate prices trends in every neighborhood and street of the city, enables us to provide you with the most accurate assessment of the current market value and the appropriate listing price of your property. We are active on all central areas of the German capital like Prenzlauer Berg, Mitte, Charlottenburg, Wilmersdorf, Schöneberg, Steglitz, Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg, Neukölln, Tiergarten, Wedding, Moabit and Pankow.

Calling for First Citiz real estate experts is your guarantee to have an accurate real estate valuation of your property in Berlin.

Why to choose our estate agent for your property valuation in Berlin?

Our English-speaking real estate agency in Berlin offers you a 100% free of charge, non-binding and professional property valuation service.

Our English-speaking team successfully advises customers and landlords from over 50 countries all over the world. In this view, our company gathers a unique professional know-how in managing distance transactions, so whatever you live in Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, London, New York or Sydney, the real estate appraisal and sale processes would be as straightforward as if you were selling a property your own hometown!

Our real estate agent manages for you, not only the property valuation in Berlin but the sale process in Germany from A to Z. We assist you in the most professional way which would allow you to close your property sale in Berlin sale in all serenity.

Our international market outreach is a unique advantage to you to accomplish a lucrative property sale.

Actually, with our international customer base, our combined local and intentional listing services, your property would benefit from a maximum outreach & prospective buyer interest and you’ll maximize your chances to sell at the best price!

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Simply request a professional value appraisal of your property in Berlin!

Our property valuation service in Berlin is free of charge and non-binding! For a market value appraisal of your property in Berlin, you might simply contact our real estate agent by:

  • Phone: +49 30 41 71 72 74
  • Email:
  • Stopping by our office in Pappelallee 11, 10437 Berlin

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Our real estate valuation and sale services in Berlin

Hiring our real estate agent for your property valuation in Berlin and the sale process is a straightforward and stress-free way to sell your property at the right price within an effective timeline. Please note that our Berlin real estate appraisal and sale advisory services are 100% free of charge.

In order to make the process effective and easy to manage on your side, First Citiz offers you a 360° service package:

  • Free real estate valuation service by our Berlin property market experts
  • Professional photography service
  • Professional property presentation in 4 languages (English, German, French and Russian)
  • Collection of the property documents from your local property manager
  • Extended local marketing with our selected real estate partner network
  • International marketing with our global network
  • Viewings organization
  • Mortgage qualification check and buyer selection
  • Notary appointment organization
  • Assistance on purchase and sale contract completion
  • Process follow-up until the receipt of the sale price payment
  • Property handover

In addition to the free valuation of your property in Berlin, as a property seller, you would benefit from a free and professional market advisory when selling your property with First Citiz Berlin. Please note that notary fees in Germany as well as land registry and city landlord taxes are at the expense of the property buyer.

First Citiz Berlin is one of the most reputable real estate agencies of the city. Assigning our agency for your property valuation in Berlin and later the sale process management allows you to benefit from both local and international market outreach. Your property will be offered in our international network and in 4 languages (English, German, French and Russian). This will maximize your chances of selling your apartment, commercial business, house or residential apartment building at the right price and conditions and get the maximum value from the sale.

Whether it’s for selling an apartment, an office building, a commercial property, a house or a land plot in Berlin, our team is at your disposal for any information about the property value appraisal and the sale process.

On what depends the value of my property in Berlin?

How much is my Berlin apartment worth?

As a landlord you might be interested to have an update about the market value of your property either for selling your apartment or just to have an idea on price development. The property valuation in Berlin will depend on several factors:

  • The general market conditions: mortgage rates in Germany, housing supply & demand and Berlin real estate market trend.
  • The location: prices differ significantly even in the same district. Every Berlin area has its most sought-after “Hotspots” where sale prices reach highest levels.
  • The building type (Altbau, Neubau, Plattenbau…) and the building condition (last renovations, facade, staircase…).
  • The floor: the apartments on the highest floors are generally more expensive.
  • The interior design of an apartment (space optimization, floor plan, general condition, furniture and decoration) could have an impact on the real estate appraisal of up to 15%.
  • The amenities like balcony, terrace, basement cellar, lift and parking space.
  • The tenancy status and the rental income (for rented out flats) – especially with the new rental cap regulation – this could have a drastic impact of up to 40% on the real estate appraisal in Berlin  (compared to a vacant property).
The building condition is important for the real estate appraisal in Berlin
The interior design of an apartment has a positive impact on the property valuation in Berlin

The bottom line about your property appraisal and sale in Berlin

Our real estate agent offers you unique advantages for accomplishing a successful property sale with an effective timeline in Berlin:

  • Get a non-binding and free property valuation from an established Berlin property agent.
  • Benefit from deep knowledge of Berlin real estate market and city areas.
  • Take advantage from our free-of-charge premium property listing service in leading local and international platforms.
  • Reach the maximum prospective buyers in Berlin, Germany as well as international buyers.
  • Benefit from an effective and short sale period.
  • Maximize your chances to reach the maximum sale price.
  • Securing a stress-free and professionally managed sale process (including for a distance sale).
High satisfaction rate for our property valuation services in Berlin
How much is my property worth?
Get your property valued for free!

Berlin property market trend: why the timing is good for selling?

With upcoming market changes and regulation changes, 2020 represents definitely a good window for selling a property in Berlin, especially if you bought a property in the German capital some years ago that took lot of value. Actually, whether it is an investment or self-use property, your property has taken lot of value so it might worth to get the money out and avoid a risk of a new price cycle linked the COVID-19 situation and rental regulation for tenanted properties. By selling your property in Berlin, you probably will benefit from several advantages:

  • Benefit for a substantial capital gain: With the house prices development in Berlin during last years (ca. +10% increase per year), the value of your property has probably been sharply increasing so you will definitely benefit from an important income and profit. On top of that income, you might benefit from tax advantages in Germany for a holding period of more than 10 years or a self-use apartment.
  • Avoid the new sale regulation in Germany: up to date the property buyer is the one who generally takes in charge the brokerage commission and the seller have no fees to pay. However, with the new upcoming regulation in end 2020, the payment of the brokerage fees would have to be shared 50/50 between the seller and the buyer.
  • Take advantage from good market conditions: the local  property demand is currently quite high, due to the resident population growth, the average income increase and the international demand for investment commercial and residential properties and apartments in the city. This allows you as a seller to benefit from both a high sale price and an effective sale period, especially if the property is listed with a reputable real estate agency that is active with both locals, expatriates and international customers.
  • Take advantage from low-rate mortgage market: the mortgages in Germany are at the lowest historical level which increases substantially the buyers’ purchase power. For a 500€ monthly payment, a resident buyer can get a mortgage for purchase budget of ca. 170000€ (with 1,5% per year rate) where with 2.5% per year rate, he will get only a budget ca. 130000€. So, at the same level of income, he will have ca. 25% less budget for his home purchase. If the mortgage rates rise in Europe and Germany in the upcoming years, the liquidity and purchase power of the buyers will automatically drop and this could negatively affect the average housing sales prices in Germany.
  • Avoid the new rental regulation impact: the new rental regulation in Berlin is quite binding and will push rental prices down for tenanted period properties. It will be effective by end 2020 and will probably affect gradually tenanted property prices down throughout years due to expected lower yields. If your period building apartment comes to be vacant it worth to sell it under this new regulation!