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Looking for a professional property valuation in Berlin? You are at the right address! For your property appraisal in Berlin and the sale process management, our certified real estate agency offers you a 360° Property Sale Service:

  • Free property valuation in Berlin
  • Expert sale strategy advisory
  • Premium local & international listing
  • International marketing in four languages
  • Effective sale timeline
  • Full sale & paperwork management
  • Assistance from A to Z with the sale process


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What is the market value of your apartment in Berlin?

What is the market value of my property in Berlin? As a landlord or owner-occupier, you might be interested to have an update about your property valuation in Berlin, either for selling or just to have an idea on last price developments. In this sense, the value of your property in Berlin will depend on some factors:

  • General market conditions: mortgage rates in Germany,  housing supply & demand and market trends in the area.
  • Location: It's the most important factor and every district has its most sought-after "Hotspots" where market value and sale prices reach highest levels. In every district prices can change significantly depending on the micro-area. 
  • Building condition & type : Building condition refers to last renovations, façade condition, staircase, cellars Building type and construction period has also a market value impact as rents are regulated for properties built before 2015.
  • Floor: apartments on the highest floors are generally more expensive, especially when the house has a lift. 
  • Interior:  general condition, floor plan & space optimization, flooring, luminosity, furniture, decoration...those "small details" could have an impact on the market value of up to 25%.
  • Features & amenities: balcony, terrace, basement cellar, lift and parking space.
  • Tenancy status & rent income: in Berlin, vacant properties are far more expensive than tenanted ones. The difference could by up to 50% in some situation, with regards to the rental regulation in Berlin.
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Why to hire First Citiz team for your property appraisal in Berlin?

Our English-speaking real estate agency offers you a 100% free of charge, non-binding and professional property valuation in Berlin.

Our international team advises with success customers and landlords from over 50 countries for selling their properties in capital of Germany. In this view, our team gathers a unique professional know-how in managing distance and international transactions. Whatever you live in London, New York, Sydney Munich, Frankfurt or Singapore, your property appraisal in Berlin would be simple and straightforward. 

Our real estate agency manages for you, not only the property valuation in Berlin but also the whole sale process. We assist you from A to Z throughout the sale process in Germany. We accompany you for the notary appointment organization, the paperwork and all administrative aspects. By choosing our company for your property appraisal in Berlin and sale process management, you make the choice of professionalism, efficiency and comprehensive service.

Our reputed real estate agency benefits from a unique international outreach. In this way, we would be offering your property not only to prospective buyers in Germany but also to international buyers and investors. Your listing would gather a maximum visibility and generate more prospective buyer interests. This would obviously maximize your chances to sell your property in a short timeframe & at the best price!

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Start your free property valuation in Berlin!

Our service for your property valuation in Berlin is 100% free of charge and non-binding! For your property appraisal in Berlin, please fill out the valuation for or get directly in touch with our English-speaking real estate team:

  • Phone: +49 30 41 71 72 74
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  • Opening hours: Mon-Fri  9h-18h
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Our 360° service for your real estate appraisal and sale in Berlin

Appointing our real estate agent for your property valuation in Berlin and the sale process is a straightforward and stress-free way to sell at the right price within a short time frame. Please note that our Berlin real estate appraisal and sale advisory services are 100% free of charge.

In order to make the process effective and easy to manage on your side, First Citiz offers you a 360° service package:

  • Free property appraisal in Berlin by our certified market experts
  • Collection of the property sale documents from your building manager
  • Professional photography service to highlight your property
  • Professional presentation in four languages (English, German, French and Russian)
  • Premium listing in leading platforms in Germany
  • Premium listing in leading international platforms
  • Listing in our international award-winning website
  • Management of requests and viewings with prospective buyers 
  • Selection of best purchase offer
  • Notary appointment organization
  • Assistance with purchase and sale agreement signature
  • Process follow-up until the receipt of the sale price payment
  • Keys handover 
360° property valuation and sale service

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When you sell your property in Berlin with our international agency in Berlin, you benefit from a free real estate valuation. You have also the advantage of our expert sale advisory and the most comprehensive service package. Please note that in Germany, notary fees as well as land registry and city landlord taxes are always at the expense of the buyer.

First Citiz is one of the most reputable real estate agencies of the city. Assigning our agency for your property valuation in Berlin and later the sale process management allows you to benefit from both local and international market outreach. Your apartment will be offered in our international network and in four languages (English, German, French and Russian). This will maximize your chances of selling your apartment, commercial business, house or residential apartment building at the right price and conditions and get the maximum value from the sale.

Whether it's for selling an apartment, an apartment building, an office space, a commercial space, a house or a land plot, our team is at your disposal for any information. Please do not hesitate to get in touch for any information about market trends, price development, our property appraisal in Berlin and the sale process in Germany.

Why is the property valuation step quite important?

It is common knowledge that an accurate market value appraisal represents always the first step for a successful property sale process

Our real estate appraisal in Berlin combines several valuation methodologies including market comparatives analysis, yield analysis and transaction trend analysis. It reflects last market & price trends and considers housing supply and demand in the area.

Our team gathers a deep knowledge of the real estate market in the German capital and real estate prices trends in every neighborhood and street of the city.

Our market expertise enables us to provide you with the most accurate real estate valuation in Berlin and hence the right listing price. We are active in central areas of the German capital such as Prenzlauer Berg, Mitte, Charlottenburg, Wilmersdorf, Schöneberg, Steglitz, Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg, Neukölln, Tiergarten, Wedding, Moabit and Pankow.

Hiring a reputable agent such as First Citiz is your guarantee to have an accurate and professional property appraisal in Berlin.

The building condition and construction year are crucial for the property valuation in Berlin
The interior condition has a strong impact of up to 20% on the property appraisal in Berlin

Which property valuation methods are used by agents in Berlin?

In order to assess the market value of your property in Berlin, three main valuation methodologies are usually used by agents:

  • The market comparable method
  • The income method
  • The cost assessment method

The market comparison method is the most used one when it comes to self-use apartments in the center of Berlin. The agent will evaluate the price of the apartment based on comparable flats for sale in the surroundings and same neighborhood. Hence, the market valuation method is base on offer and demand above any other consideration.

The income method is rather used for investment properties. The appraiser will base the value on the rate of return of the property and its capital appreciation potential.

The cost method consists into an estimation of construction and/or renovation cost of a similar property. Consequently , it's more appropriated in suburb areas where one can still find land for sale. The market value would be calculated as the sum of the land cost and similar construction cost with today's market prices.



Main drivers for a property valuation in Berlin
Good Building condition is key to upgrade real estate market value

The bottom line about property appraisal in Berlin

Our real estate agent offers you unique advantages for accomplishing a successful sale process with an effective time frame:

  • Get a non-binding and free property appraisal in Berlin from a reputed international real estate agency.
  • Benefit from deep expertise of the residential real estate market and prices in Berlin.
  • Benefit from our knowledge of prices and property valuation in all Berlin central areas.
  • Take advantage from our free-of-charge premium listing service in leading local and international platforms.
  • Reach the maximum prospective buyers in Germany, as well as international buyers and investors.
  • Benefit from an effective and short sale period.
  • Maximize your chances to reach the maximum sale price.
  • Securing a stress-free and professionally managed sale process (including for distance/remote sale).
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Tips about property valuation process in Berlin

How long it takes to get a property appraisal in Berlin?

A professional appraiser would generally take a couple of days to prepare your property appraisal in Berlin. The appraisal process could take longer depending on whether you provided the necessary documents and information.

Is a viewing necessary for a real estate appraisal in Berlin?

No, it is not necessary. A real estate appraisal in Berlin could be based on photos, floor plan, description and documents. However, a viewing is always a plus, as it allows to the agent to have a more precise idea of the property and give you with the most accurate real estate appraisal.

On what depends the value of my property in Berlin?

The price of your property will depend on a mix of general and specific factors. A property valuation in Berlin depends firstly on general market conditions such as housing supply and demand for the area, price trends and current mortgages rates. Secondly comes value factors related to the property itself: construction year, building, floor, features, amenities, interior condition, monthly fees and rent income. 

How to find the best agent for a property valuation in Berlin?

The best real estate agent is the one who provides an optimal but still realistic market value, in view of Berlin and German real estate market last trends. An optimal real estate valuation in Berlin would to sell the property at the best possible price and within an effective sale timeline. For this, you should inquire about the agent reputation, online customer reviews and sale references. Avoid some platforms that would randomly recommend for you estate agents and make your own search.

Is the timing good for real estate valuation & sale in Berlin ?

This is the question  that most of landlords and owners ask themselves when it comes to look whether it is good window for selling real estate in the capital of Germany. 2022 is quite an instable year during which the mortgage rates hit historical lows and highs in just few months. The increase of mortgages might impact downwards property values in Berlin. So End 2022 represents a good window to sell in order to stay on the safe side & avoid a market downturn. This is especially true if you bought an apartment some years ago and that already took substantial value in the market. In fact, apartment prices in Germany's capital has been increasing last 4 to 5 years at ca. +10% per year. Therefore your home value have probably increased a lot. This is especially the case of vacant properties (self-use) that are much in demand due to the housing shortage. However, this is less the case for tenanted properties with regulated rents.

Selling decision is specific to every personal situation and depends on which property one bought and when.

2022 might represent a good window to sell for the following reasons:

  • Lock in profit: With the strong development of real estate prices in Berlin during last years (ca. +10% increase per year), the valuation of your property in Berlin has probably been sharply increasing. So you will definitely benefit from an important income and profit due to the increase of market value. On top of that income, you might benefit from tax advantages in Germany. In fact, if you already bought a flat since more than 10 years, you call sell it without profit tax in Germany. Alternatively if the apartment is your own home, you can also sell it without tax on capital gain.
  • Take advantage from strong market demand: housing demand in the capital of Germany is still quite high due to the tremendous population and economic growth. The local and international demand for commercial and residential properties in the capital of Germany is still strong. Indeed, Germany is seen as a global safe investment haven. So sellers still benefit from attractive value pricing and strong local and international demand. They can also sell within short periods, especially when the property is listed with international agents like First Citiz. To get a more precise idea about the development of your property valuation in Berlin, please, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team.
  • Take advantage from "still acceptable" mortgage rates in Germany: mortgages in Germany and Europe are hit their highest levels in mid-2022. This might represent a threat on market property values in Germany, especially if the mortgage rates continue to rise. In fact the monthly settlement of a mortgage of €200.000 was 500€ per month in early 2022 and has risen now to almost 800€ per month.  If the mortgage rates continue soaring in Europe and Germany, the purchase power of buyers will automatically drop and this could negatively affect the value of properties.
  • Avoid rental regulation impact:  rent regulation in Berlin  aims to keep rents at moderated levels, when it comes to properties in apartment buildings built before October 2014. A limited rent means a lower investment return and means no market value upside. This explains the important value difference between vacant and tenanted properties. If you own an apartment in a period apartment building, it definitely worth it to sell it as soon as it comes to be vacant.