Selling a property in some of Berlin’s top districts

One of the key factors that you will want to consider when selling your property in Berlin is the neighborhood that it is located in. Each neighborhood has its own unique characteristics attracting certain types of buyers. The more that you understand about the neighborhood where the property is located, the more that you can enhance property features drawing those buyers. Working with an experienced Berlin real estate expert will help you getting an accurate appraisal of your property in Berlin and selling at the best sale price because they understand the different markets intimately.

Selling a property in Berlin Mitte

This district in the middle of the city offers lots of tourists attractions. The presence of Humboldt University means student apartments are always in high demand. While there are some sales on low-price units in this area, do not be afraid to position as a high-end unit attracting embassy and other government workers.

Selling an apartment Prenzlauer Berg or Friedrichshain neighbourhood

Almost 25 percent of people in Prenzlauer Berg come from outside Berlin. Prices are rising quickly in this area as the government enacts laws limit the supply of housing. New and old buildings are both demanding a premium. This is especially true in areas around Arnimplatz, Schlachthof, Bötzow and Kollwitz. Many buyers are looking for chic places so try emphasizing that aspect of your property. You are still better off working with an experienced real estate agent, so you maximize your profits in this district.

Students and young internationals are two of the major groups found in Friedrichshain When you trying to complete a sale of your apartment in this district of Berlin, emphasize its closeness to public transportation. You will also want to make the unit seem as large as possible. Those properties located along Karl-Marx-Allee and Frankfurter Allee often bring a premium because of their prime location to restaurants, shopping venues and leisure activities.

Selling a flat in the areas of Kreuzberg or Neukölln

People from over 200 nations live in this neighborhood because they love its cultural flair. Brexit will only make housing here even tighter as many from Great Britain choose this district. If you are getting ready to sell your property in Berlin, Kreuzberg or Neukölln then emphasize its modern conveniences as there are still some older buildings here lacking in modern luxuries. The housing market in this neighborhood continues to tighten causing prices to spiral upward. Many moved to this district in the past because of its cheap prices. They fell in love with the district, got better jobs and are now looking for places to raise their families within this district.

The price of properties have been skyrocketing in Neukölln. It is impossible to predict for sure if this trend will continue, so now may be the time to sell your apartment in this district. One thing that many investors are doing here is selling established properties. Then, buying and remodeling some of this district’s neglected buildings.

Selling a property in other Berlin central districts


Many immigrants from Austria and Poland choose to settle in this neighborhood. Sellers are getting particularly good prices for units located west of the Berlin Zoo and east of Savignyplatz. Yet, many units in this market remain low priced, so be careful not to overspend if you are going to remodel before placing your apartment on the market.


Those properties near Park Siedlung are bringing the best price in this neighborhood close to Mitte. While this area has long been the pharmaceutical district of the city, that is starting to give way to more diversified economic opportunities. Many startups are choosing this as their first location. Emphasizing elements of your apartment that makes it a great place to work from home may help you get a higher price in this neighborhood.

While this is not all the districts of Berlin, you can see that the city has great diversity. If you are looking to sell your property in Berlin, then you need to work with an agent who can help you emphasize the right elements to get top money for it. We would love to have you contact us today so that our experienced property agents in Berlin can help lead you through the sale process.

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