What is your preferred Berlin property type?

typical period property in Berlin Germany

Throughout history, the German capital has experienced several cultural, economic and political influences that have shaped and influenced the urban landscape of the city. Walking through the capital of Germany, one changes the era at the turn of each street and is seized by the contrast between the architectural styles and influences of each era … Read more

Selling a property in some of Berlin’s top districts

selling a property in the centre of Berlin Germany

One of the key factors that you will want to consider when selling your property in Berlin is the neighborhood that it is located in. Each neighborhood has its own unique characteristics attracting certain types of buyers. The more that you understand about the neighborhood where the property is located, the more that you can enhance property … Read more

How to Buy and Sell a Property in Berlin, Germany?

buy or sell a property in Mitte district in Berlin

Berlin is among the most interesting real estate markets in the entire world. The city boasts a dynamic housing market with attractive prices for apartments and individual houses. Berlin provides singles and families planning to own their properties in the city with a unique lifestyle and international environment, lot of greenery and a vibrant cultural … Read more