How to choose the right realtor in Berlin?

Whether you’re looking for to buy or to sell a property, you’ll want to hire a realtor in Berlin to ensure you can get the right expertise on the market. The professionalism of your real estate broker in Berlin will determine how easily you find a property that meets your needs and is specific to what you’re looking for in your new home in Germany. Alternatively, if you are selling a property it will guarantee to you reaching the best selling price, having a smooth property sale process and selling your German property within a short sale timeline. When you’re looking for the right realtor in Berlin, there are a few tips to follow to ensure you can hire the right professional that helps you to successfully achieve your goals..

Read reviews of best real estate agents in Berlin

Try asking your family members and friends for recommendations of a certain realtor in Berlin they used in the past year to find someone that you can trust. Talk to homeowners for whom the realtor has brokered a house or apartment in the city area where you reside, to ensure you can find the best real estate agents in Berlin in terms of market knowledge and proficiency.  If you’re doing a general search on internet you can read reviews on Google of best real estate agents in Berlin. This helps to get insight into other people’s experiences to ensure you use a real estate broker in Berlin you’ll be happy with as you look for a house or apartment for sale. Typically, a trustful real estate professional would have some dozens reviews. In deed, the number of brokered housing transactions is quite limited, though each for hundred of thousands euros, but they are not at all comparable to an online shop where one can buy an item for some euros and drop a review. So pay attention if you see too many reviews, not in line with a reasonable number of brokered houses, it’s very like they are not authentic ones. Do your homework, which includes interviewing the realty agents in person, visiting their offices, looking at their website to ensure they’re reputable and are established in the industry.

When you meet for the first time, you want to ask how many homes they’ve brokered in the last year to ensure they’re qualified to help you with your transaction when they provide you with their service.

Award of most trusted real estate agency in Berlin - 2021 - First Citiz Berlin
Google reviews are important to find the right real estate broker in Berlin

Consider their strong core values

Not only does your real estate broker in Berlin need to have experience in the industry when it comes to market visibility and number of brokered homes, but he also need to have strong core values. They should play by a set of rules and have integrity when they represent you. Trying to find the real estate broker in Berlin might take some time. But once you find the expert you can trust, this will allow you to have peace of mind knowing they’ll be upfront and honest with you as they have your best interest in mind.

Check for communication skills of your realty broker

Many buyers often make the mistake of overlooking the communication skills of the realtor they hire in Berlin, but this can significantly affect how well you work together as you search for your next apartment or property. When you contact them, they should be quick to respond to ensure you don’t have to wait too long to have your questions answered. You can ask the realty agents how they prefer to communicate, whether they like to send text messages or speak to you over the phone. Some realtors in Berlin prefer to communicate via email. Knowing this in advance can make it easier to understand how well they communicate and if they’re easy to reach. The language is also a crucial point in the communication as it does not make sense to hire someone that you can barely understand. Ensure that if your prefer communication in English, you should work with a company that has multi-lingual real estate brokers in Berlin, same for  French, Russian or any language. In this view, some international real estate agencies such as First Citiz offer services in several languages. There, in addition to a great service, you can be sure that your realtor in Berlin speaks the same language than you! 

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Look for a supportive & professional realtor in Berlin

When you’re looking for an apartment or commercial property to buy on the real estate market, it can be an emotional and draining process. It’s important to find someone that offers support and is compassionate as you work through different challenges and issues that can arise during the transaction. You’ll want to ask if they also have the support of a team of other real estate brokers in Berlin, which means they may be able to offer you better customer service. With staff by their side, it can make it easier to avoid mistakes because multiple people are there to help you.

Check their deep knowledge of the city area(s)

When you look for a property to buy or if you plan to sell a property, it makes sense to look for a realtor who have a deep knowledge of the city area. This even more the case in the capital of Germany that has 12 districts and several sub-districts. For example if you’re looking to sell an apartment in Berlin Mitte,  Charlottenburg or Prenzlauer Berg, it make obviously sense to work with a realtor that has brokered properties in the same neighborhoods and benefit from a proven track records. Alternatively you can look for some Berlin-wide real estate brokers, such as First Citiz Berlin who are active in all districts of the capital of Germany. Do not hesitate to ask for factual transactions and references about your targeted areas. If you are looking to buy an apartment in Friedrichshain, ask to see their portfolio of already brokered properties or whether they have new apartments  for sale in Friedrichshain. Same for Schöneberg, Wedding, Moabit, Steglitz, Kreuzberg…or any other district of Germany’s capital.

Mitte, the center of the capital of Germany
To sell a property in Prenzlauer Berg, better to hire a realtor in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

Create a short list of top rated best real estate agents in Berlin

As you begin your search for the right realtor, you’ll need to create a list of about six best real estate agents in Berlin. Research the different types of organizations and associations they’re a part of to ensure they’re reputable and have accountability. The Berlin realtors you’ve selected from your short list should follow codes of conduct to ensure you can use someone that you can trust and doesn’t put you at risk when you want to buy residential or commercial real estate.

Communicate your needs to your realtor in Berlin

If you fail to tell your realtor in Berlin what you want in your next property then they won’t know what to look for, which can leave you both disappointed. They should have an understanding of your situation and the features you want in your next house to ensure the property fits and accommodates your lifestyle. Look for someone that asks a lot of questions and seems excited to begin searching for you. If you’re selling a property, you’ll need to be upfront and honest about why you no longer want to own the home. If your realtor in Berlin understands your situation, he can find new and unique ways to help you during the process.

You also want to ask a lot of questions as you work closely with one another. If you’re selling your home, ask how they plan to showcase it to find the right buyer. It’s also necessary to ask how long they think it’ll take to sell the property, which depends on the current state of the market. They may already be in contact with a few prospective buyers that they want to show the home before they list it. Some realtors in Berlin offer home-staging services which could be a great idea to highlight the strengths of the property, attract more buyers and facilitate the overall sale process.

On which topic you need the help of a realtor in Berlin?

Look for a few characteristics in your realtor in Berlin

There are a few main characteristics that are required to be a professional realtor in Berlin when you’re selling. You’ll need to find someone that is punctual and knowledgeable. They should also be polite and friendly to make it easy to work together. It’s also necessary that they’re respectful and don’t make you feel rushed as you spend time talking.

They should be passionate about their job, which will ensure they’re better at it and work hard to meet your needs. They should also take their time educating you on buying or selling an apartment in the local area. They’ll tell you why they want to list your house for a certain price when they put it up for sale in Germany.

Discuss the fees of your real estate broker in Berlin

Many people who are selling their apartment or commercial property make the mistake of failing to ask about the realtor fees in Germany. This can lead to a lot of surprises and disputes after you list your home for sale and close on the property. It’s important to obtain their rates in advance and get all the details in writing to ensure you both agree as they provide you with their service. The right professional in Germany won’t have any hidden costs that you’re not aware of in advance to ensure that you’re informed throughout the transaction and understand how much you’ll pay them to sell your house or apartment in Germany.

Look into the realtors’ strengths and certifications in Germany

When you obtain the service of a real estate broker in Berlin, it’s important to use professionals that have succeeded in the industry and have certain advancements with the certifications they’ve earned in Berlin and Germany wide. They should also specialize in the type of property you want to sell or buy, whether you want to live in an apartment or a mansion. They should have several years of experience working in the city where you live or want to relocate. Your realtor in Berlin should not only understand understand the property market and prices in Berlin but also have strong track record in similar properties. Hence you can benefit from his experience with other buyers that have recently bought or sold properties of the same price range. 

Look at the skills of your real estate broker in Berlin

Not only is experience necessary and number of brokered homes, but their skill level is also something to consider. Find a real estate broker in Berlin that is capable of helping you save more money as a buyer or is skilled in knowing all details about the local market. If they have a high level of expertise, you’ll benefit because they can make it easier to buy or sell. They should have the most experience with a buyer or seller like you and should have high reviews.

They should also have a lot of connections in the real estate industry in the capital of Germany, which is a sign that they’ve become established. They should be capable of connecting you with contractors, appraisers, and even plumbers in the capital of Germany. This can also make it easier and more convenient to find a long list of professionals you may need after you move into your new apartment and need to perform a few upgrades. You can trust the people that your Berlin’s realtor recommends instead of spending hours scouring the internet for local professionals. If you hire a realty agent that can’t provide you with an architect, renovation service or lawyer, then they are likely not as experienced and are just getting started in the real estate industry.

10179 Berlin, Apartment for sale, Mitte

Ready to move! New-build 4-room apartment with large terrace in the heart of Mitte

Berlin - Mitte
Property size:
133.42 m²
Sale price:
1,279,000 EUR
10785 Berlin, Apartment for sale, Tiergarten

Live and work: Unique Penthouse-Atelier 6 rooms & terrace near Ku’damm

Berlin - Tiergarten
Property size:
198 m²
Sale price:
2,047,000 EUR
10115 Berlin, Apartment for sale, Mitte

Perfect for families! Modern 3/4 room-apartment with 50m2 terrace, located in the heart of Mitte

Berlin - Mitte
Property size:
114.38 m²
Usable area:
147.58 m²
Sale price:
1,212,000 EUR