How to Buy and Sell a Property in Berlin, Germany?

Berlin is among the most interesting real estate markets in the entire world. The city boasts a dynamic housing market with attractive prices for apartments and individual houses.

Berlin provides singles and families planning to own their properties in the city with a unique lifestyle and international environment, lot of greenery and a vibrant cultural life.

On the other with tremendous price increase during last years, landlords in Berlin benefit from high housing demand and important capital gains should they decide to sell their properties in Berlin.

Buying a Property in Berlin

There are various reasons why most individuals might choose to purchase an apartment in the city. They might be looking for a temporary space, a second house, an apartment for relative studying or simply adding a valuable property to their investment portfolio. Here are some of the benefits:

• The town provides excellent lifestyle, especially in Berlin central neighbourhoods such as Mitte, Kreuzberg, Prenzlauer Berg, and Charlottenburg.

• It is an international and dynamic town ranked the 3rd best city to invest and live in the entire world.

• Offers attractive property prices and housing that makes it four times less expensive than other cities across Europe.

• It has as a strong capital gain.

• It Provides high commercial and residential housing markets and unique tax benefits for potential buyers.

If you are currently planning to purchase a property in the city, you should work with real estate professionals to help you make the right decisions about the type of building and apartment and the apartment mortgage financing. The housing market in Berlin is booming with a double-digit percentage annual growth in house prices supported by a long-term and robust demand making it the best destination for those looking for apartments for sale. Here are some of the factors to consider when purchasing an apartment in the city.

Preferred area choice

The selection of the area to invest or live in is a crucial step since Berlin is a large city. It features many facets linked to its history of the wall and deep changes since the collapse of the wall in districts such as Berlin Mitte, Friedrichshain, and Kreuzberg. If you are looking for a house to live in, the district and area selection is essential since the neighborhoods are different and have unique flat sale prices, building styles and lifestyle.

Apartment search and selection

Before buying  an apartment in Berlin, you should consider things such as location and neighborhoods. You should remember to work with real estate professionals to help you select the best apartments and deals on the market.

If you are not based in the city, the real estate professionals will help you group your visits to the respective properties within two to three days. If you are looking for an old or new-build property for purchase, an apartment to renovate or a renovated house ready to move in, Berlin is the right place for you.

How to Sell a Property in Berlin?

Selling an apartment is one of the most important decisions you can ever make in your life. It might provide you with enough capital to fulfill your personal goals and to re-invest in other sectors improving your overall financial situation. Before selling your property in Berlin, you should consider the following factors:

  • Define Your Goals: The most important factor to consider before selling your property is defining your personal goals. Establishing your goals has some to do with the current situation of the Berlin real estate market. However, it has more to do with the current stage you are at in your life, your post-sale plans and your financial circumstances.
  • Determine the Value of Your House: When selling your property, it might a good idea to have a general opinion on current real estate market and price trends in Berlin. You could also contact a real estate agents for professional valuation of the house. This process might be free of charge and some real estate agencies like First Citiz offer a free property appraisal service in Berlin.
  • Work with a reputed property agent: you should ensure that you are working with real estate agents with excellent references and established market reputation in order to benefit from their local market knowledge, their prospective buyers and to have a full assistance throughout the process management. To select the right estate agent in Berlin, you might search on internet, visit some websites, see customer review and eventually meet some agents at their office or in your property.