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 How to successfully sell your property in Berlin?



How to sell your property in Berlin - Germany


Are you planning to sell a property in Berlin? First Citiz Berlin offers you a free appraisal service as well as a comprehensive transaction management.

Selling a property is one of the most important life decisions, so it is crucial that you collaborate with a recognized market expert who will represent your best interests. All real estate agencies are not one and the same, and finding the right one for your transaction is critical!

First Citiz Berlin benefits from a strong market reputation as well as a high customer satisfaction. We are rated as the best international real estate agent in Berlin in 2019 by EU Business news magazine.

With customers from over 50 countries, our international market outreach is a unique advantage for you to accomplish a lucrative and stress-free transaction.

Whatever the property type (apartment, commercial, residential building, land plot, house,...), with our company you would benefit from a free property valuation service and a turnkey sale process management.


Why is First Citiz the right agent to sell your property in Berlin?

With First Citiz Berlin international real estate agency, you will benefit from a unique set of advantages:

  • Free property valuation service by certified real estate market experts
  • Berlin property market proficiency and deep knowledge of the city neighbourhoods and house prices street by street 
  • Local and international market outreach 
  • Comprehensive service and assistance throughout the transaction process steps in Germany
  • High-commitment and proficiency to provide you with the best quality transaction service


Please, note that our real estate agent in Berlin charges no fees for the property valuation service neither for the transaction process management in Germany!


Our turnkey service to sell your property in Berlin

For selling your apartment in Berlin at the best conditions and price, our real estate agency offer you a turnkey service package:

  • Free valuation of your apartment in Berlin.
  • Collection of the apartment  documents from your local manager in Germany.
  • Planning and implementation of an efficient listing strategy and process.
  • Professional photograpy service in order to make the best presentation of your apartment.
  • Local and international listing of your flat in Berlin.
  • Organization of the viewings of your flat in Berlin and follow-up with prospective buyers.
  • Selection of the best purchase offer for your apartment.
  • Check of the credit application (capital, mortgage rate, monthly settlement...).
  • Administrative coordination with the notary office for the preparation of  contract.
  • Organization of the appointment at the notary office in Germany for the contract signature.
  • Follow-up of the payment of the apartment purchase price by the new owner.
  • State of the premises and apartment key handover to the new home owner.


It's common knowledge that an accurate and professional valuation service represents always the first step of a successful transaction process at the best possible price.





How to sell your property in Berlin at the best conditions?

By assigning our international real estate agent for managing the transaction process of your apartment in Berlin, you would maximize your chances to complete a successful property sale and to benefit from a fully reliable process management. 



Free property valuation and sale in Berlin - Germany Free property valuation and no fees for selling your property

Our real estate property valuation and transaction management services are free of charge. Setting-up the right listing price of your apartment by market certified experts represents the first and the most important step for a successful transaction process. Our Berlin-based company takes on charge the marketing and listings fees (local and international), the viewings' orgnization and the transaction process management in Germany. We are active in Berlin central neighbourhoods like Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg, Neukölln, Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain, Charlottenburg, Wilmersdorf, Schöneberg, Wedding, Tiergarten, Moabit and Steglitz. Our team would put at your disposal its knowledge of the city districts and home  prices by area. By selling your apartment with First Ctiz Berlin,  you have absolutely no fees to pay for the property valuation service neither for the transaction process management.



Turnkey property sale service berlin   Turnkey management of the property sale process 

Our real estate agency in Berlin secures for you the transaction management process in Germany from the listing to the notary appointment.  Our turnkey service package does not end at the notary contract signature in Germany but also extends to the follow-up of the payment of the apartment price by the buyer and the apartment handover. If you are selling a tenanted apartment, we would manage on your behlaf the contact and the organization of viewings directly with the tenant.


Berlin property market knowledge   Berlin property market knowledge

Our knowledge of the local housing market in Berlin, the supply and demand of apartments for every district of the city and the average price of apartments and commercial properties in the city is a main advantage for you. This allows us not only to establish an accurate valuation of the market price of your property but also to select the best profiles among the new home buyers pool. Currently, our real estate agent lists over 300 apartments and commercial properties for sale and rent in the city (from 1-2 room apartments to 4-5 room  family apartments). The market value of your apartment in Berlin will first depend on the local area and the  offer versus the demand for similar flats on the housing market. The market price will take into view the living space (sqm), the number of bedrooms and baths, the heating type, the floor and the presence of a balcony or a terrace. The apartment interior condition is also main factor for setting-up the right market price: an flat in need of complete renovation will be sold at a 20% price discount compared to a brand new or renovated flat on the market. The listing price will also depend on the building type and construction year (i.e new-built development or period building), the building condition and the monthly costs, the building amenities and the transportations and facilities in the area (i.e distance to next metro station). For selling an investment property in Berlin, the market price valuation will also take into view the rental income, and the expected rental yield or investment return. The long-term market value potential and the expected price development in the area are also important factors for setting an apartement listing price.


International real agent in Berlin - Germany International market outreach

Our German client base is composed of local Berliner buyers and people relocating for professional and business reasons from other German cities like Hamburg, Stuttgart and Munich. Our private international clients are essentially expatriates who relocate to the city, in view of the strong economic development and the high living quality in the town. Our private clients generally search to buy a new home in a central area of the town and they are looking to buy different types of apartments and buildings (from the 1-2 bedroom apartment to the 4-5 bedroom family apartment). In addition to our self-use  buyers, we have thousands of investors (often cash-payer) investors looking for central residential properties in the German capital (rather 1 to 2 room apartments). To date, we have advised customers from more than 50 different countries for the purchase and the sale of commercial and residential properties in Germany (2). The quality of our customer base and our market reputation will definetly be an advantage for your apartment sale both from price and process perspectives.


Effective property sale in Berlin Efficient and time effective property sale process

Before starting the  sale process, our team will first set-up a tailored marketing strategy in order to maximize the chances of selling your apartment at the best conditions. Our marketing package is free of charge and guarantees the best presentation of your apartment and an optimal visibility both for local and international potential buyers. Throughout the sale period, you will have a regular follow-up and communication about the progress of the transaction process, whether you are in Germany or abroad. Thanks to our international visibility and our deep knowledge of housing & commercial property market, the sale period of an apartment with our agent will be take on average 8 weeks for a vacant apartment and around 3 months for a tenanted apartment. Please, note that the sale delay depends also on the period of the year and the listing price. An apartment offered at the right price will have all the chances to sell within the normal listing period frame and at the best conditions where an overpriced apartment could stay longer on the market.  


Sell your property Berlin at the best price The best sale price for your property in Berlin!

In addition to our free of charge service package, our team high commitment to deliver the best service will guarantee you a straightforward and high-quality transaction process management. With these advantages,  you'll put all chances on your side to sell your property at the best sale price and best conditions. Also, during the listing period, our team involvement would ensure you a full satisfaction and a comfortable transaction process, whether you live the German capital or abroad.



Our real estate agent benefits from a comprehensive insurance cover by the German leading company Allianz. Our insurance covers all our business activity, including viewings. In this view, we are a reliable partner for managing  your property sale in Berlin in all serenity.

For more information about our appraisal service in Berlin and the administrative milestones for buying and selling properties and apartments in Germany, please do not hesitate to:


  • Write to us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • Contact us directly by phone on +49 (0) 30 41717274.
  • Fill out the valuation request form


In order to benefit from our free and non-binding valuation service, we invite you to fill out the appraisal request form by just clicking on the link below. 

Our real estate agency team will contact you within 24 hours in order to organize the appraisal meeting and assess within best delays the market value your property in Berlin.



Start now with a free property appraisal 



The key steps to selling your apartment in Berlin

With First Citiz Berlin, the sale process in Germany is quite straightforward and the purchase and sale agreements are always assigned to a state-certified notary office.

This guarantees to both sides, the seller and the buyer, a fully transparent and trustful transaction process.

  • Step 1: Property documents' collection, apartment valuation and determination of the optimal listing price.
  • Step 2: Local and international listing, viewings and best purchase offer selection.
  • Step 3: Notary appointment for the contract signature.
  • Step 4: Payment of the purchase price by the new home owner and ownership transfer
  • Step 5: Handover of the apartment keys to the new home owner.


Regarding the signature of the contract at the notary in Germany and if you do not speak German, this would be absolutey not a problem. Indeed, we can accompany you during this step or recommend an english-speaking legal attorney who can represent you and manage on your behalf the legal documentation in Germany or simply english-speaking notary office. If you have questions like tax implications, we are happy to help on that and if necessary we would recommand you an english-speaking tax advisor.

Please, note that in Germany the official ownership transfer and the price payment takes place around 8 weeks after the signature of  the purchase and sale contract at the notary office.  

For any question about the property sale process in Germany,  please, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team.


Please, note that in 2019, the average transaction price in the German capital is around 4150 euros per  sqm. The mortgage market with low rates is also very favorable so it's definitely a good time for selling. For more details please see our page dedicated to property prices in the central districts of Berlin

Note: First Citiz GmbH is a real estate agency certified by the German authorities for managing commercial and residential properties purchase, sale and rental transactions in Berlin and all Germany. We are specialized in apartments and properties located in the central areas and neighbourhoods of the German capital city like Prenzlauer Berg, Mitte, Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg, Charlottenburg, Wilmersdorf, Neukölln, Schöneberg, Wedding, Moabit, Tiergarten and Steglitz.


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