Your guide to invest in Buy-to-let in Berlin

Furnished apartment rental is the best option for a buy-to-let in Berlin

A buy-to-let in Berlin is considered as top property investment option in Germany and all Europe. In fact, the capital of Germany is today one of the best places in Europe to look for property investment, well ahead of other German and European large cities such as Munich, Frankfurt Paris and London. Indeed, Berlin property … Read more

How to find the right luxury property in Berlin?

luxury property for sale in Berlin Mitte

Luxury real estate in Germany is booming and is undoubtedly profitable investment in the long term. Every year, the sale price of high-end properties in the Germany’s main cities shows constant growth and above all the demand remains much higher than the supply. Like every market, the residential property market has several segments that meet … Read more

Tips to sell a property during challenging COVID times

Sell a property with a purchase & sale contract at the notary office

The COVID-19 has a detrimental impact on all aspects of social and economic life, including the real estate business, especially when it comes to sell a property during this period. It is no big surprise that currently selling a property can be very challenging due to numerous repercussions of COVID-19. The general uncertainty about the … Read more

A summer in Berlin…

Living in the summer in Berlin - Am Weinberg Park - Mitten Berlin - Living in Berlin

If the winter is relatively calm, Berlin summer is so intense that its inhabitants express an extraordinary energy and creativity to enjoy every second. The numerous festivals held each year in the German capital are the reflection of this effervescence, and are addressed to all, families or revelers. The festivities open with the traditional MyFest, … Read more

What is your preferred Berlin property type?

typical period property in Berlin Germany

Throughout history, the German capital has experienced several cultural, economic and political influences that have shaped and influenced the urban landscape of the city. Walking through the capital of Germany, one changes the era at the turn of each street and is seized by the contrast between the architectural styles and influences of each era … Read more

How to sell a Property in Berlin, Germany?

Apartment Building to sell - Berlin

If you are thinking of selling a property in Berlin, then there are several things you will need to consider and steps that need to be completed before the transaction is finalized. You also will need to go through: Checking the tax implications in Germany of selling your property Getting the property documentation ready Determining … Read more

The best neighborhood in Berlin for me is …?

Berlin city lifestyle

Berlin, the capital of Germany! Events, parties, art and history – culture wherever you look! Not surprising that the city is considered as a magnet for tourists. Berlin is Germany’s largest city with 3.5 million inhabitants. When moving to this city, it can be difficult to find the neighborhood that suits your needs best. For … Read more

Selling a property in some of Berlin’s top districts

selling a property in the centre of Berlin Germany

One of the key factors that you will want to consider when selling your property in Berlin is the neighborhood that it is located in. Each neighborhood has its own unique characteristics attracting certain types of buyers. The more that you understand about the neighborhood where the property is located, the more that you can enhance property … Read more

Living in Berlin

Berlin is a multiple and contrasted city, eco-friendly, trendy and welcoming. Under a bohemian appearance, it is also bucolic and elegant, with its covered passages and small secret courtyards populated by chic an design boutiques, especially if you live in Prenzlauer Berg or around Monbijou Park, in the heart of Mitte. It goes without saying … Read more