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What is your preferred Berlin property type?

Published on: Thursday, 02 November 2017 12:57

Berlin property - Altbau style building


Through its history, the German capital has experienced several cultural, economic and political influences that have shaped and influenced the urban landscape of the city.

Walking through the capital of Germany, one changes the era at the turn of each street and is seized by the contrast between the architectural styles and influences of each era in Europe.
Given the diversity of construction styles, the type of the property and building becomesa  central criteria, on which depends the price, whether it's to rent or to

Living in Prenzlauer Berg

Published on: Friday, 22 September 2017 14:10

 Located in East Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg is a residential central neighbourhood, that became the symbol of Berlin life style.

The area knew a deep transformation with the arrival of new population (young families, artists, expats, entrepreneurs...) and the renovation of many period building (Altbau) in bright colours, typical of the new chic and trendy face of the capital German.

One of the delightful consequences of this change is the emergence of many sophisticated bars and restaurants, art galleries, concept-boutiques, vinyl shops, design furniture stores which contrast with other districts of Berlin. There are as well many street markets as the famous organic market of Kollwitzplatz, which brings together local producers from Brandenburg and bohemian life

A summer in Berlin...

Published on: Tuesday, 01 August 2017 16:24

If the winter is relatively calm, Berlin summer is so intense that its inhabitants express an extraordinary energy and creativity to enjoy every second. The numerous festivals held each year in the German capital are the reflection of this effervescence, and are addressed to all, families or revelers.

The festivities open with the traditional MyFest, a series of events in the streets of Kreuzberg every May 1st. Not only a political event, it is also a festive and family gathering, with street barbecues and street concerts. The famous Carnival of Cultures is held every year in June in the district of Mehringdamm. In a festive and family atmosphere, many stands representing different countries of the world offer to taste local specialties or to buy typical crafts, all on a b

Living in Berlin

Published on: Monday, 26 June 2017 21:24

Berlin is a multiple and contrasted city, eco-friendly, trendy and welcoming. Under a bohemian appearance, it is also bucolic and elegant, with its covered passages and small secret courtyards populated by chic an design boutiques, especially in the area of Prenzlauer Berg and Monbijou Park, in the heart of Mitte. It goes without saying that Berlin is a major destination for amateurs of classical music and operas, with its known “Berliner Philharmonie” and halls like Deutsche Oper and StaatOper.

Culture lovers will be delighted by the several museums hosting masterpieces from all the world, including those on the famous Mitte Museum Island, bordered by Spree banks. Li

The best neighborhood in Berlin for me is ....?!

Published on: Tuesday, 07 March 2017 17:41

View on Berlin Tower



Berlin, the capital of Germany! Events, parties, art and history - culture wherever you look! Not surprising that the city is considered as a magnet for tourists. Berlin is Germany's largest city with 3.5 million inhabitants. When moving to this city, it can be difficult to find the neighborhood that suits your needs best. For this reason, we got a closer look at Berlins’ neighborhoods and dida short guide on 5 neighborhoods in Berlin.


When moving to Berlin, you have to decide whether you want to stay near nature

Berlin ranked best city in Europe to invest in real estate

Published on: Friday, 09 September 2016 09:31

In the report „Emerging trends in real estate - Europe 2016“, the consultancy company PwC raised Berlin for the second consecutive year as the best city both in Europe e for real estate investment and development (ahead of Hamburg and Dublin). Despite its low property prices, Berlin became also in 2015 the second most active real estate market after London and ahead of Paris with investments growing from €3bn in 2014 to €10bnin 2015!

According to the report, the city development is sustained by the public sector, the revitalization of commercial areas, the booming of tourism, the positive migration, the international and young population and of course by the leading IT and tech sectors.

Link for the report

Are you a Brit, thinking of buying a property in Berlin? If so, you’ll be pleased to know that buying your ideal German property will now leave less of a dent in your bank balance. This is because the pound to euro exchange rate recently hit a 7.5-year high, at 1.4256, its strongest since November 7th 2007!


What this means for you is that, when you transfer money from the UK to your German bank account, to buy a Berlin property, you'll get more euros. For example, let's say you transfer £250,000 to Germany. With that sum,  you’ll now get +€56,000 more than if you’d bought a Berlin home back at the start of 2014, when the pound was far weaker.


In other words, that's an extra +€56,000 sitting in your German bank account, at no

Night of museums in Berlin

Published on: Thursday, 25 June 2015 09:49

On the night of the 25th of August, 2015 over one hundred museums and exhibition venues open their doors and give the visitors the possibility to view exhibitions, collections and installations at night. In addition, there is a rich variety of readings, concerts and plays. It is the 35th Night of Museums.

Specific routes of the shuttle buses are made available and so that every individual can compile their favorite events on an individual program. It is advisable to purchase the tickets online or at the participating museums long in advance.

With 80 museums from the classical temples of culture on the Museum Island to the Trabi Museum,

International Design Festival in Berlin

Published on: Monday, 18 May 2015 09:47

Hosted by the DMY Berlin, which is an international platform for contemporary product design, the International Design Festival takes place from June 10 to June 15, 2015. The DMY Agency hands out the Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany and hosts numerous international design exhibitions in Europe, Asia, North and South America.

The International Design Festival Berlin presents renowned and young designers, new products, prototypes and experimental concepts. The exhibitions are accompanied by an extensive program of symposia, designer talks and workshops that address topics of contemporary design, reflect and identify necessary future trends in product design and related fields

Carnaval of cultures in Berlin

Published on: Monday, 18 May 2015 09:45

For 4 consecutive days the festival for Berliners and tourists takes place in the capital and shows off its best sides. It’s cosmopolitan, international, dynamic, full of life, varied and colourful. Since the mid-90s around half a million people celebrate the colourful mix of the city every year.

Truck procession with close to 100 vehicles and over 5 thousand participants from almost all parts of the world are enjoying the music and the diversity now: from Brazilian samba to Chinese lion dance, from West African drums to German horn groups of carnival are an impressive proof that Berlin's treasure is the diversity and internationalism.

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