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How to Sell a Property in Berlin, Germany?

Published on: Friday, 26 April 2019 09:26

What to consider when you sell a property in Berlin, Germany?


If you are thinking of selling a property in Berlin, then there are several things you will need to consider and steps that need to be completed before the deal is final-ized. You also will need to consider the tax implications of your sale.


Berlin is a Seller's Market

The first thing you need to know is that Berlin is one of the hottest seller's markets in the world. The need for housing far exceeds the available housing market. In fact, the average real estate investment in Berlin ha

Why You Should Invest in Berlin Real Estate?

Published on: Tuesday, 26 March 2019 15:32

A period property represents a great option for real estate investment in Berlin


Berlin is one of the most popular cities in the world for property investment. It is likely to stay that way for a long time to come. There are several factors driving the popularity of investing in Berlin property.

Many different people are drawn to this city of 3.5 million people. In fact, a good share of people living in Berlin was born outside of Germany. There are many different reasons that people find themselves drawn to the city, but one of them is the economy. People from over 196 countries live and work in the city.


Buying or selling a property in Berlin: the bottom line

Published on: Tuesday, 12 March 2019 10:19

Buying or selling a property in the German capital: the bottom line


In the last 15 years, real estate prices in Berlin have raised more than 120 percent and there seems to be no end in sight as people around the globe seem to all want to move to the city that has great food, a hot art scene and a friendly attitude. Whether you want one of the architecturally amazing buildings in Charlottenburg, a home around the delicious Turkish restaurants in Neukölln, an apartment in the art district of Kreuzberg, properties around the active nightlife of Friedrichshain, the diversity of Mitte, the Bohemian atmosphere of Prenzlauer Berg or to own complexes in the lush green inner core of Tiergarten, yo

Selling a property in some of Berlin's top districts

Published on: Friday, 22 February 2019 12:25

Period apartment building  for sale in Berlin


One of the key factors that you will want to consider when selling your apartment in Berlin is the neighborhood that it is located in. Each neighborhood has its own unique characteristics attracting certain types of buyers. The more that you understand about the neighborhood where the property is located, the more that you can enhance property features drawing those buyers. Working with an experienced real estate agent will help you get the top sale price for your property because they understand the different markets intimately.


How to Buy and Sell a Property in Berlin, Germany?

Published on: Tuesday, 19 February 2019 12:13

 Which estate agent to get the right sale price for a property in Berlin?


Berlin, Germany is among the most interesting real estate markets in the entire world. The city boasts attractive houses and apartments as well as prices in sales. Berlin provides real estate developers and families planning to own property in the city with a unique urban and international environment.


What is your preferred Berlin property type?

Published on: Thursday, 02 November 2017 12:57

Berlin property - Altbau style building


Through its history, the German capital has experienced several cultural, economic and political influences that have shaped and influenced the urban landscape of the city.

Walking through the capital of Germany, one changes the era at the turn of each street and is seized by the contrast between the architectural styles and influences of each era in Europe.
Given the diversity of construction styles, the type of the property and building becomesa  central criteria, on which depends the price, whether it's to rent or to

Living in Prenzlauer Berg

Published on: Friday, 22 September 2017 14:10

 Immeuble de type Altbau à Prenzlauer Berg


Located in East Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg is a residential central neighbourhood, that became the symbol of city life style and one of the best neighboorhoods in Berlin.

The area knew a deep transformation with the arrival of new population (young families, artists, expats, entrepreneurs...) and the renovation of many period building (Altbau) in bright colours, typical of the new chic and trendy face of the capital German.

One of the delightful consequences of this change is the

A summer in Berlin...

Published on: Tuesday, 01 August 2017 16:24

Tempelhofer Park


If the winter is relatively calm, Berlin summer is so intense that its inhabitants express an extraordinary energy and creativity to enjoy every second. The numerous festivals held each year in the German capital are the reflection of this effervescence, and are addressed to all, families or revelers.

The festivities open with the traditional MyFest, a series of events in the streets of Kreuzberg, the most alternative neighboorhood in Berlin, every May 1st. Not only a political event,

Living in Berlin

Published on: Monday, 26 June 2017 21:24

Berlin is a multiple and contrasted city, eco-friendly, trendy and welcoming. Under a bohemian appearance, it is also bucolic and elegant, with its covered passages and small secret courtyards populated by chic an design boutiques, especially in the area of Prenzlauer Berg and Monbijou Park, in the heart of Mitte. It goes without saying that Berlin is a major destination for amateurs of classical music and operas, with its known “Berliner Philharmonie” and halls like Deutsche Oper and StaatOper.

Culture lovers will be delighted by the several museums hosting masterpieces from all the world, including those on the famous Mitte Museum Island, bordered by Spree banks. Li

The best neighborhood in Berlin for me is ....?!

Published on: Tuesday, 07 March 2017 17:41

View on Berlin Tower



Berlin, the capital of Germany! Events, parties, art and history - culture wherever you look! Not surprising that the city is considered as a magnet for tourists. Berlin is Germany's largest city with 3.5 million inhabitants. When moving to this city, it can be difficult to find the neighborhood that suits your needs best. For this reason, we got a closer look at Berlins’ neighborhoods and dida short guide on our top 5 neighborhoods

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