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Living in Berlin

Published on: Monday, 26 June 2017 21:24

Berlin is a multiple and contrasted city, eco-friendly, trendy and welcoming. Under a bohemian appearance, it is also bucolic and elegant, with its covered passages and small secret courtyards populated by chic an design boutiques, especially in the area of Prenzlauer Berg and Monbijou Park, in the heart of Mitte. It goes without saying that Berlin is a major destination for amateurs of classical music and operas, with its known “Berliner Philharmonie” and halls like Deutsche Oper and StaatOper.

Culture lovers will be delighted by the several museums hosting masterpieces from all the world, including those on the famous Mitte Museum Island, bordered by Spree banks. Living in Berlin also allows you to enjoy the surrounding nature of the Brandenburg: by bike or S-Bahn, it is easy to reach many wild and unspoilt lakes, to camp in the pine forests, and to discover the surrounding villages. For nightlife, living in Berlin is obviously a source of perpetual inspiration: with its world-known clubs, bars and festive places, the German capital attracts many revellers from all countries.

Living in Berlin involves a life rhythm, more relaxed and alternative than in most major European capitals. It is enough to observe the filled terraces of the cafes and urban parks like Volkspark Firedrichshain, to convince oneself that here one takes the time to live and enjoy. 
The life in Berlin is rhythmed by seasons: if the winter is rough, it is softened by the warm gatherings, the numerous Christmas markets and the cosy cafés with retro furniture where people take refuge to sip a hot wine and remake the world with table neighbours. The summer comes as a start, and releases all the energy and creativity of Berliners: festivals, ephemeral bars on the roofs of buildings, barbecues in parks, cinemas and outdoor clubs, a boost of freedom and enthusiasm then blows over the whole city. Mauerpark's outdoor karaoke in Prenzlauer Berg is the symbol of this summer “joie de vivre”.

Berlin is also a city with an affirmed ecological spirit, where most people use bikes, which is facilitated by the many bike paths and large parks in the heart of the city. The taste of bio, recycling and handmade are dear to the heart of Berliners. The city has many associations that can repair or recycle clothes, household appliances, or even easily train themselves in woodworking or other artisanal techniques.

As far as gastronomy is concerned, Berlin is faithful to its reputation as a cosmopolitan capital: restaurants offering specialties from all over the world, from Thailand, Italy, Lebanon, well as numerous vegetarian and concept food stores. The innumerable street counters obviously serve the Currywurst Berlin specialty.

Finally, unlike many other large cities, living in a central district of Berlin remains quite affordable. Prices, especially real estate, have risen steadily for several years, but it is a very accessible city, where it is nice and relaxing to live and where one can find and enjoy its own pleasure with absolute freedom...



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