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Why it is very practical to use a customized search service for the purchase of a Berlin property?

Berlin knew a very important economic, touristic and demographic development last years.

The city population is increasing with ca. 50 000 people per year which creates a high demand on properties and a shortage on properties.

It goes without saying that the property market boom and the massive arrival of international property investors, makes it more challenging to find the right Berlin property:

  • High-demand: the demand for properties for sale in Berlin exceeds by several times the property offer and interesting properties are often gone within days. The buyers face high competition, have to join group visits and often loose the best opportunities.
  • Market reach: many properties (often the most interesting) are sold before coming on the market and are out of buyers reach.
  • Time-consuming: As the market is short of properties the time spent for property search is increasing. We see more and more buyers spending months and even years without finding the right property. In between, prices are increasing which result in purchase-power loss.
  • Price-confusion: The pricing of properties is quite different form other cities and it depends on specific local criteria. Prices vary significantly from a street to the other, from a building to the other, from a floor the other and require a knowledge of property market and prices .
  • Administrative, legal and language barriers: many buyers face difficulties in understanding administrative and legal documentation and procedures related to the purchase process. In addition, Berlin is becoming very international and most of agencies work only in German.



Why to use First Citiz Berlin property search service ?

 For these reasons and following our clients requests and needs, our estate agent in Berlin developed a practical and efficient property search service with unique advantages for our customers:

  • Individual advisory on the purchase process: the purchase procedure in Germany implies a good understanding of purchase steps, purchase related-costs and administrative procedure. Having a good understanding of the process and the timing is the first step for a successful purchase so that our clients could concentrate on the essential which is finding the right property.
  • Individual advisory on purchase options: before starting the search process, we organize for you an advisory session around on investment and financing possibilities, market status, purchase possibilities, prices per area, financing plans.
  • Access to largest market offer: in addition to our property offer and our network properties, we can negotiate for you any suitable property on berlin real estate market.
  • Individual visit and advisory for each property: we only organize individual appointments for our clients so that they benefit from customized advisory. Buying a property is an important commitment and should bear absolutely no risk of misunderstanding.
  • Price negotiation: our knowledge of market participants and price sensitivity would allow us to have for the best All-in price.
  • Gain in time and money: at the current price increase, a property that cost now20000 would probably cost more than 230000€ next year. Using our Berlin property search service will definitely be an advantage for you to avoid a long and non-fruitful search period while prices are increasing.
  • Success-based: our property service is only success-based and you do not have to pay any fee neither an advance until we find the right Berlin property for you.
  • Full service: Our estate agent in Berlin deliver for our clients a full service covering all purchase steps including general information about Berlin property market and  prices, investment advisory, property financing package arrangement,  notarization process coordination and property management.


For any information regarding our success-based Berlin property search service please do not hesitate to contact our real estate agency in Berlin to organize a consultation about your search criteria on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or +49 (0) 30 41717274.

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