Buy an apartment in Berlin


You are interested in buying an apartment in Berlin?

Our international Berlin estate agent offers you a full service that allows you to manage with reliance the process of buying your apartment in Berlin.
Depending on whether the property is free or rented, the process of buying an apartment in Berlin take typically from 1 to 3 months during which we will provide support for all aspects related to the transaction. We offer an accompaniment that includes the following steps:

Berlin apartment search and selection
According to your criteria (neighbourhoods, location, floor prices, free or tenanted) we will select for you the best deals on the market and we will organize for you visits. If you are not based in Berlin, it’s possible to group the visits for 2-3 days. We also advise on the possibilities of financing your Berlin property purchase

Organization of the purchase of your apartment in Berlin
Once your apartment in Berlin reserved, we support you in the process of signing with the notary office. We take care of preparing the purchase contract and coordinating with the notary and clearing administrative procedures until the signature of the purchase contract in Berlin. We also assist you on the understanding of the administrative documentation.

Following the purchase of your apartment in Berlin
Once the contract of purchase of your apartment in Berlin signed, we will follow with you the transaction including payment of registration fees and taxes (about 7.8% of the purchase price), the execution of obligations of the seller in the contract and the final ownership transfer.

If it’s a tenanted property, we will provide you with assistance on all aspects of property management of your apartment in Berlin
For more information about our services and your purchase project, please contact us for a free consultation.

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